Here's some info to help you have a good time at Bang 4 The Buck

So you know, this isn't strictly a SM play party. It's a lot more then that. It's a women's sex party that's kink positive with a strip-o-rama and free strip lesson before the party... because of the unique nature of the party, let me as the party hostess give you a few pointers...

1) First Time? To Play or Not to Play:

This is a sex party with play. Do what you're in the mood for. There will be sex there so think in advance of what boundaries you have for safer sex practice. If you're not ready for somethign just tell them. Tell them this is your first party and that will give you an opening to ask all sorts of questions. There will be gloves and condoms there. Not sure about dental dams. If you're particular about glove size as I am, bring your own. The gloves/condoms are latex so if you're latex sensitive, please bring your own non-latex supplies. Also a good idea to bring your own sex toys, SM toys. (to be used on you or for you to use on them.)

2) What to Wear

Because it's a kink friendly sex party, fetish wear is not necessary. But clothes that make you feel sexy is highly encouraged. During the Strip-o-Rama it's fine to be in street wear. (Unless you want to strip). During the play/sex party portion, street wear is not so cool. So jeans during the Strip-o-Rama is ok. Not so good for during the party. Underwear, lingerie, jock strap + wife beater + boots, thesse are some good ideas. Should the mood strike, by all means, come in fetish wear.

3) How to Make the Best of Bang 4 The Buck

Various advice and thoughts...
- Bring dollar bills. There's a lot of hot action during the Strip-O-Rama. All the tips go to AIDS LifeCycle
- Raffle prizes and Erotic Photo Silent Auction: Bring more dollar bills/Checks. We have a HUGE amount of raffle prizes and great erotic art photos.
- Take the free strip lesson from Miss Indigo Blue! 7pm - 8pm is the free lesson. She teaches butch and femme strip techniques. It's a fun, relaxed class. Good place to meet poeple.
- Sign up for the Strip-o-Rama: It's a good way to show your self off to the crowd. This is an amateur strip contest. The 4 highest tip earners go to the final round for some cool prizes. Because it's a sex space and not a strip club, the rules are totally open! Practice what you learned in the strip lesson. We have women of all ages, sizes and butch/femme up there.
- When I, your hostess of the evening, does my "Auntie Midori's Meat Market" come up on stage and let me introduce you. I call up any women who are looking for any sort of connections that night.
- I will have a flirtation game called "Sign Off". Get the card for it and collect the autographs from women who have "The best smile" "The Best Ass" etc. It's a good
excuse to strike up a conversation with someone. Offer to 'barter' for their autograph. "I'll trade you an autograph with something you'd like me to do for you." It could be for a glass of soda, a kiss or a fisting!
- There will be "Ambassadors" there. These are party volunteers who are assigned to show you around the place. They are great for letting you know how the space works and to introduce you around.

I hope that helped? Any other questions?