HOT Fundraising Parties by Women 4 Women for AIDS/LifeCycle.
The next Bang is in Seattle Saturday, Feb 22, 2014.
You must be 18+. Proof of age is required.

Bang4TheBuck started in 2005 as a collaboration between friends to raise money for AIDS LifeCycle while having a blast. At the time there were no parties that quite fit the bill for what wanted to attend, so we visualized what we wanted and made it happen. Now it's a much sought after annual event, that blows the roof off. We shakes off the winter blues while shaking off hot panties and boxers!

Meet the Bang Team: Miss Indigo Blue, Lady Lydia McLane, Lee, Midori and Kelly B. We're also supported by an amazing team of volunteers, donors, sponsors and the amazing Center for Sex Positive Culture - without them we wouldn't be able to do this year after year

Where does the money go? After we pay for rent and expenses, all proceeds go to the following causes:
AIDS LifeCycle - Kelly and Midori are long time roadie / cyclist participants of AIDS LifeCycle. You can support this good fight by donating directly to their volunteer pages as well.
Lifelong AIDS Alliance - Supporting a Seattle agency that provides rent assistance, food, counseling and more to our brothers and sisters with HIV.

You don't need to attend the parties to contribute, though we will miss you. If you can't go to the party you can still join the fun. All we ask is for you to donate the price of a fancy coffee or umbrella drink, more if you can, to help enrich the lives of others through the services provide by the San Francisco Aids Foundation. Feel free to donate directly to our ALC pages. Kelly's ALC page or Midori's ALC page